Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Courts Can Access Private Facebook Profiles

The use of Facebook in the courtroom is a hot, topical issue that is currently generating a lot of buzz among lawyers. In Canada, private Facebook profiles can now be ordered to be produced in court for use in personal injury insurance litigation.

OH noes! Your insurance company is taking you to court over your disability claim and you got to pretend now that you're actually sick. No worries, just walk with a limp for the rest of the week and yelp in pain when anyone touches you - easy.. right? Well, not so fast...

You vaguely remember last month when you and your friends spent a week at the cottage, drinking beer and jet skiing without a care in the world? Well, all those private photos you uploaded to Facebook to share with only your friends will be coming back to haunt you; even if your Facebook privacy is set to maximum protection.

Courts in Canada can now demand to have access to your Facebook profile. What may be even scarier is that Facebook is known for not actually deleting photos, links, comments or profiles, even if you thought they were deleted-- Facebook really often justs 'hides' them on you, so you think things are deleted, but not so to a clever lawyer.

Even if you are able to delete everything on your own profile, what is to say your drinking buddies have done the same on their Facebook profiles?

Facebook is a scary place indeed.


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