Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Professional Tech Journalist

So I've started writing for a real tech site a few weeks ago and it has been nice so far. It's a bit different writing for a big tech site compared to writing for myself on a crappy blog, but not in a bad way really. Ya, sure, I now actually need to use proper grammer and sentence structure and I need to write more than one post a month, but I still get to express some opinion and I actually get paid for doing it.

As for this blog, I will continue to update it with whatever content I'm not able to get posted on the other site -- whatever that may be, but also I will use this site for testing ideas and posts like rants/how-to's/scripts. Just stuff that would never make it on a professional site, but techie stuff im still interested in-- so pretty much the way it is already and has been for years.

If you have any ideas for my site or whatever else, comment below. This site is personal enough that I will probably actually respond.


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