Monday, June 9, 2008

So.. questions about the new iPhone?

Well, the new iPhone 3G has been introduced and lots of details have been spilled, but there are probably lots of questions remaining. Anyone have a question that needs answering? Leave a comment with your question!

I have a question myself though, that anyone who knows the answer to I would love to hear from. I currently have a 2-year voice plan with Rogers (one of two soon-to-be Canadian iPhone providers) yet no data plan. According to what information I can find, the iPhone in Canada will be selling for $ 199/299, with a new three year contract. From what I can tell from other sources, there will be no retail sales of the iPhone.

So my question and issue is, if I'm already in a contract, I can't exactly get a new contract, can I? And if I can't get a new contract, how do I get the iPhone? Will I only need to get the data plan to meet the criteria? Will I end up paying 500$ minus any credit I have towards my account? Insights?

update: "Upgrade Eligibility and Qualified Upgrade PricingUpgrade eligibility will be determined based on standard upgrade eligibility rules. Customers must be upgrade eligible to receive the qualified upgrade pricing. However, not all customers will be qualified upgrades. AT&T has not determined the price of the 3G device for non-qualified upgrades."

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