Saturday, February 9, 2008


Seems this post is now a bit pointless, as STAGE6.COM will be closing down this Thrusday. Apparently the site was costing them too much money. It's so sad to find that out, as I thought it was the best streaming services out there. I guess it was just ahead of its time. Hopefully, we may see it again one day.

Something a bit interesting for those who use It seems that when a video is removed from Stage6, be it by user or by conflicting with the terms of service, the video file isn't actually deleted from the servers for some time and can still be accessed.

Below is a script that will let you play videos removed from Simply enter the video ID# into the text box below and hit play! You can find the video ID# in the no-longer-working URL.


Anonymous said...

Your script ain't working

Anonymous said...

is the video not found, or is the script not working? if a video has been deleted for an extended period, it won't work ive been finding. as well, i havent tested the script with firefox yet.

Anonymous said...

Script isn't working with firefox. IE7 works.