Sunday, August 26, 2007

working bioshock crack

update:: okay, so i lied. the paul.dll i do not have yet cracked... yet. i just wanted to join in on all the cracking fun. stupid CS.RIN.RU and won't let me register to join their fun. so im just having my own fun here.

the progress i have made so far has been interesting though, im taking a slightly different route than i was yesterday when i started this attempt. if anyone has their matching unlock code and unlock requestcode that they used to activate their game via manual activation, i would love to have a copy of that. i think i can crack it with that info. if you have a memory dump also, @ the manual activation screen like below, i would also love to have that.

i am not currently linking to or hosting any files on this website. i don't live in the USA. so screw off.

proof? the crack involves modding the paul.dll file.


1. get bioshock installation files.
2. get bioshock mini image.
3. load mini image with daemon tools.
4. install game.
5. replace paul.dll file with cracked dll.
6. run bioshock.exe
7. enter any unlock code.

now, since i am god damn broke, if you want this crack released public (fully working version), i need to start seeing paypal donations! :)

(you can donate on the right menu bar)

when i get enough donated, i'll make it public. otherwise, fuck off. go buy the damn game. what the hell do i care about you? and if you don't got cash, at least check out my advertisers. when i can pay my month's rent, you can play.



Anonymous said...

Making the thing say activation successful is easy. I've done that myself. Making the game actually run is something completely different, and no one has managed that yet.

Anonymous said...

Total failure. Doing what everyone else has done. Get the game to launch, and then you have yourself something.

Anonymous said...

The true AUTHOR of this paul.dll released it here TWO DAYS ago and freely states it don't work!

Don't feed this FUCKWAD a penny!

Anonymous said...

asshat is just trying to steal your money. This isn't a crack, he doesn't have functioning anything.

Keep your dollar bills and your clicks.

Anonymous said...

let this guy be broke
I guess he is broke for a reason

becuase he is a dumb ass mother fucker.

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