Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bioshock Online Key Generator

still much a work in progress... but here it is.

As far as I can tell, you gotta be having one hell of a lucky day to have this work for you though. as i get more info on the algorithm, i'll update this one.

(lol, sounds a bit crazed, but sharing with me valid keys, will greatly help me optimize this keygen.)


Phk said...

This doesn't generate ACCEPTABLE keys.......... not even VALID ones, LOL!

You gotta improve it :P

Use the FoB's keygen :P

Phk said...

We are working in a keygen already. This is not following the discovered rules we found in working serials, but, nice work the first two houses got right in many serials ;)

u should probably keep trying maybe yours gets better than ours :)


Steve said...

im working on it. stealing your code, moddying it. porting it. etc. javascript is a little less likely to infect a computer than an exe. ;)

Unknown said...

FoB's got a keygen ? Where might i find this ?