Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bioshock Leak for PC and XBOX 360

So it seems the highly anticipated FPS game has leaked onto the torrent world over the last few days... first the XBOX 360 version, and as of today, the PC version is slowly making its way to hundreds of homes across the globe.

I would strongly suggest to all would-be pirates to just go buy the game instead of going the torrent route. You can pre-order and download ASAP from STEAM if you are willing to spend the cash, which would also let you play multiplayer. I would highly imagine that the torrent-based PC version of the game will be feature-striped and multiplayer disabled due to a lack of valid serial key.

The game is to be released officially on August 21st and it's going to rock the world. Go buy it, it's actually one that is simply worth it. :)


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