Sunday, December 10, 2006

Poll: 'hydrogen powered cars'

When people hear all about these new 'hydrogen powered cars', what exactly do think they of? What do you think of?

'Hydrogen Powered'?
Fuel cell technology
Burning hydrogen gas
Fusion; the same as a hydrogen bomb
Hybrid technology
I have no idea
Another method

Where do we stand with hydrogen powered cars? As of November 2006, there are around 500 hydrogen powered cars in use around the world. In 2008, Honda will start production on their Honda FCX car, an experimental fuel car with a HP of 129. Faster, more powerful, hydrogen powered cars exist, but they generally do not use fuel cell technologies, instead they use internal combustion.

Fuel cell technologies seem to be the best bet for the cars of the future at this point in time, but there still are a lot of problems to overcome before they ever will be seen common place. (Refer to the wiki.)

Expect to hear more and more about fuel cell powered cars in the future, although do not expect to be buying one for quite a long time.

As for hybrid car, hybrid cars today generally refer to cars that run on both gasoline and an electric battery, switching between each power source when best suited to make the car more efficient. These types of cars are purchasable today and are slowly becoming affordable and competitive options in the market.

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