Monday, December 11, 2006

New Rock Groundbreakers

My Chemical Romance. Currently #1 New Rock song in my area, Toronto.

For those interested in seeing what's new in the world of music, potentially the next big song, here's a list of the groundbreakers from this month. Courtesy of Edge102.

Alexisonfire - 'Boiled Frogs'
The Killers - 'Bones'
Tokyo Police Club - 'Nature of the Experiment'
Muse - 'Starlight'
Fall Out Boy - 'This Ain't A Scene...'
Jay-Z featuring Chris Martin - 'Beach Chair'
+44 - 'When Your Heart Stops Beating'
U2 - 'Window In The Skies'
Ok Go - 'Here It Goes Again'
Neverending White Lights - 'Age Of Consent'

It seems both indie and emo music are still going strong lately in this genre.

For those not into the new rock scene, the new Gwen Stefani album, Wind It Up, is freshly out and already climbing the charts. It has a bit of a fun weird candy pop taste to it that I'm not quite sure I understand. I can only imagine this album being this successful due to Gwen Stefani's super star popularity and a lack of important vitamins in the diets of kids today.



Alex said...

ok - so i get to know say why most of those artists do not deserve the title groundbreaking?

Steve said...

lol. not my call really, i just cut and pasted the list from edge102. they called those songs 'groundbreaking'. :S feel free to . uh. share your own opinion on what would be better.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but all of these whiny, emo, neo-teeny-bopper-punk bands suck.

Steve said...

yes. yes they are and yes you are right. i was just low on topic ideas.